Detroit, Check.
One More To Go
Now Just $9 Each!

This is the Chicago tee-shirt that looks better every week. We guarantee you've never had so much fun checking boxes.

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Show your faith during this historic season. The Check the Wins Tee is created and printed in Chicago for Chicago. It's 100% cotton, pre-shrunk, double-stitched, ice-grey Gildan tee and is priced at just nine bucks. Each tee comes with an orange Sharpie permanent marker for the weekly ceremony.

Order yours and then send us a photo of you in it -- at a tailgate, in the easy chair or screaming in the stands -- and we'll post 'em up here so you can show your colors. Plus, everyone who sends a picture is eligible for a big prize that we haven't quite figured out yet. But trust us, it will be awesome. Shipping is free if you order three or more. If you order before 3pm during the week, your shirt will be shipped the same day.

If you'd rather place your order by phone just call 315 427 5451 (M-F, 9-5) and ask for Michele or Dawson. semenax

if you're in an office full of fans or have a group order to make for ten or more shirts and we'll cut you a sweet deal. Also, don't forget to send us pictures of you in your tee so we can add them to our photo gallery.

Also available downtown at Mike Ditkas's Chicago.